Junior Notices

Junior Members - Aged 7 - 17 years (on 1st April)

Junior members may play:

Monday to Friday commencing play before 17:00 unless accompanied by a member.
Saturday after 16:00 (April to September)
Saturday after 14:30 (October to March)
Sunday after 13:00

Juniors may not play whilst a recognised competition is taking place on the course, however they may commence play once the last competitors have teed off on the 11th and should remain a clear hole behind the last group.
Female juniors members with a CONGU handicap may enter any ladies competition at the discretion of the Ladies Committee.
Male junior members with a CONGU handicap of 28 or less may only enter a Men's competition after 17:00 on the day before the competition.
Not more than two junior members may play together in a men's competition and they should be accompanied by at least one adult member.
All male junior members will start off with a (J) after their name in the competitions computer. Junior members with a (J) after their name will not pay to enter Men's competitions and therefore cannot win a Men's competition.

Full Playing Juniors (Male)

Male junior members who have achieved an acceptable level of competition etiquette and a level playing handicap will be proposed to Council as a "Full Playing Junior" and if elected will have the (J) removed from their name in the competitions computer. They will then be eligible to pay to enter competitions and have exactly the same access to the course and competitions as a full member, with the exception of winning a members prize, which will be at the discretion of the member who provides the prize. Participation in the Captain's Day and President's Day will be at the discretion Captain's and Presidents.

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  • Captains and President's Dinner
  • Phil's Last Round Net 63 takes Lawson Cup
  • Team Through To Next Round In Dunham Trophy
  • Seniors Championship 12th July
  • 125th Anniversary Open won by AOMGC Team
  • Mr Captain and Partner Win the Seniors Open
  • Congratulations to Will On His 54 Hole Challenge
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