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  • From the Greens

    Golf Greens Spring Maintenance

    The work we do at this time of year is dominated by soil temperatures.During April,we repair all small blemishes and week areas on the greens.
    We dab seed by hand and rub top dressing over.The seed usually takes 3 weeks to germinate.

    Once soil temperature raise enough,we selectively aerate,overseed,top dress,feed apply a wetting agent and irrigate greens(not more than 2 at a time).
    This work,probably the most important work we do,is completed on quiet days as early in the week as order to minimize disruption to everyday golf.

    As under ground conditions warm up further then we can be more aggressive with the ways we refine and speed up green speed.

    To summaries,we concentrate on small areas of the green early Spring,then as conditions allow and soil warms up, we get through vital aeration tasks as recovery is then quicker.
    We balance this work as much as possible with golfing play on the course.