Winter Mats

With the season approaching it will not be long until we stop using the fairway protection mats. At this moment the golf course is extremely wet and we need to keep using them to protect the fairways ready for the season.In the next week or so we will review the situation and keep you posted on when we hope to stop using them.

Thank you for your co-operation during the winter in protecting your course.

Greens Chairman

From the Greens Chairman

Winter Program 2018/19

Advance Notice to Members:
The Greens Chairman has requested that early notice be given to Members of work to be carried out during the winter months which will at times cause some disruption on the course.

1. During week commencing 27th November the willow tree situated on the first fairway will be felled and Members will inevitably encounter some problems during the course of the work.

2. In order to preserve certain areas of the course these areas will be roped-off and Members are requested to respect the restrictions in place.

3. There will be further tree felling on the 5th and 6th fairways in due course. Areas affected will be marked G.U.R. Members will be advised of the dates.

4. We are aware that there is further tree stumping work has to be done and Members will be forewarned when arrangements are in place.

5. We are required to carry out hedge cutting work around the 5th and 6th fairways in particular. When dates are agreed, Members will be informed.

6. The safety net near the first tee will be back in position during the next few days.

7. So far this year it has not been necessary to impose the use of mats on the course. However, as and when the weather deteriorates, the Greens Chairman will issue a mandatory notice for the use of mats. New mats will be available from the Pro Shop as from Thursday 22nd November.

8. Members are reminded that we are all responsible for ensuring that the course is well protected and everyone can play their part by repairing all pitch marks.
Due to the nature of work to be carried out during the Winter season our greens team will be active on the course and Members are reminded of their duty of care towards our staff so as to ensure everyone safety on the course.

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