Golf Course Re-Opening

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

You will be aware that the golf course will be reopening as from Wednesday 2nd December and although you will be already informed of the safety guidelines, I will provide the following brief reminder.

All golf must be booked online and in order to reduce the risk of infection and to help the Track and Trace system, members are not allowed to bring guests to play. Anyone intending to play must be identified on BRS.

Please try to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your allocated tee time and as soon as your game is over, please leave the club. The toilets and washing facilities will be available and the existing one way system will be in use.

Unless there are special reasons, you should not enter the Golf Shop, but should it be necessary, please, no more than one person at the time, and face masks must be worn.

Unfortunately, as Trafford has been placed in Tier 3 we are not allowed to provide bar services at this time. The upstairs lounge area and spike bar remain closed until further notice.

Under the current restrictions, the Secretary's office must be contacted by telephone 0161 976 4390 option 1, or by email I can also be reached on my mobile 07831 500029 if necessary.

Please enjoy your golf but help us to remain safely open by respecting the rules.

On behalf of the Club Council

W T Hughes

Club Secretary 30/11/20

Coronavirus Lockdown Update 24th November 2020


Despite all the information in the media there would appear to be some confusion as to what might happen from 2nd December. One thing is clear, we do not yet know whether our area will be subject to Tier I (Medium) Tier 2 (High) or Tier 3 (Very high). The Prime Minister will announce full details on Thursday.

One thing is clear, we will be allowed to play golf, subject to the safeguards already in place at the Club.

Under Tier 1, bars, pubs and restaurants venues will be available until 11pm, last orders 10pm. Strictly table service as before the latest lockdown.

Under Tier 2 bars, pubs and restaurants must close, unless operating as restaurants. They can only serve alcohol with " substantial meals" Last orders at 10pm, close by 11pm.

Under Tier 3 bars, pubs and restaurants hospitality is closed, with the exception of sales by takeaway or delivery.

When we are informed which Tier applies to our Club, we can react accordingly. We will discuss practical arrangements with our caterers .

We can therefore plan to start golfing as from Wednesday 2nd December and there would appear be no restrictions to 4 Ball playing. Greens have been working hard to prepare the course and I'm sure you will find everything in great condition. Others have been volunteering to carry out such improvements which in the normal course of time, the Greens team find it difficult to do. Under this theme, I will ask anyone who will be interested to help with a few hours voluntary work, to contact me directly. Such work needs to be coordinated with Mark Foster and his team, so if anyone is willing, please email the Secretary on As both Jessica and myself are occasionally working from home during the lockdown, it is not always possible to reach us at the office. My mobile is 07831 500029.

Best regards and take care

Terry Hughes

Club Secretary. 24/11/20

Coronavirus Lockdown Update

2nd November 2020

Further to the message sent on Sunday morning, I have today received confirmation that if approved by Parliament, the lockdown measures will be introduced at 00.01 am ON THURSDAY 5th November 2020. Apologies for the earlier misunderstanding, but unless the petition currently being prepared by Golf England proposing that golf clubs be exempted from the lockdown is accepted, the last day for playing golf will be Wednesday 4th November.


Terry Hughes

Club Secretary 2/11/20

Coronavirus Update 1st November 2020


As I am sure you will be already aware, the Government has announced a one-month lockdown of England, starting at midnight on Thursday 5th November until 2nd December.

We will be writting to you again during the next few days, but please be aware, there will be no access to the golf course as from that time and date.

Those members who still have equipment in their lockers should use these few days to time to remove everything out and leave your keys in the lock. We intend to sanitise the lockers, changing room and toilets as soon as possible. Any equipment found in a locker will be removed. Any personal problems or difficulties with this requirement please contact the Club Secretary .

Regards and take care

W T Hughes



As you will be aware, Trafford will be moved to Tier 3 Alert Very High as from midnight tonight Thursday 22nd October, and our clubhouse facilities will be closed until further notice.Current information indicates that we will be under this restriction for 28 days minimum.

Members are allowed to continue playing golf and the Council wishes remind you of the safety precautions which remain in place.

1. All bookings must be done online.Having established your tee time, please arrive at the club some ten minutes before you start playing. Shoes should be changed in the carpark and unless you have a specific reason to do so, please do not enter the golf shop. After playing, please leave the club as soon as possible.

2. Until further notice, we regret that guests and visitors will not be allowed on the course.This rule will be monitored.

3. Golfers may use the toilets in the changing rooms. You should have by now removed your golf equipment from your lockers as we are planning to sanitise them all again.

4. Whilst at the club, waiting to play or playing, please maintain the two meter rule, do not touch any equipment belonging to another golfer and do not exchange score cards or anything else.

5. If you do require to speak to the Professional, only one person at the time can enter the shop. You must wear a face-mask or shield before entering the shop. Please remember that the Golf Shop is a retail outlet and Kris Andrews carries the responsibility for any breaches of the law.

6. For their own safety, and that of their friends and families, we strongly advice
members to wash their hands throughly after playing golf. Toilet facilities will be kept clean and sanitised at all times. Any concerns about safety should be addressed to the Club Secretary.

7. Trafford Health have asked us to remind everyone that should they or any other person in their group become symptomatic whist on site, please contact the Golf Professional or the Club Secretary without delay. We are concerned about the risk of transmission of Coronavirus should staff and/or members try to assist anyone suffering from illness or injury without the use of protective equipment, and requiring medical aid. It must be clear that our staff are not expected to treat injured or ill parties, but to keep them company and as comfortable as possible until emergency services arrive. Members or staff must ensure that emergency services have been called and not assume that someone else has done so. Action must also be taken to clear routes for emergency services and assign one person to act as the contact to ensure co-ordination between the emergency teams and the club.

8. We regret that we can no longer provide members with bar facilities, but respectfully remind everyone, that alcohol cannot be brought onto the golf course for any reason.

We will be regularly reviewing our safety measures and keeping members fully informed. It is entirely possible that the virus threat will be with us throughout the winter months and the Council asks that everyone, members and staff, do all they can to keep all of us safe.


Terry Hughes

Club Secretary on behalf of the Club Council. 22nd October 2020



As you will be aware Greater Manchester will be moved into the Covid-19 Alert Very High as from midnight on Thursday 22nd October.

All pubs and bars must close, and can only remain open where they operate as if they were a restaurant serving " substantial meals". This issue has been discussed by the Club Council, but it has been decided that such a scheme is not practical for the club at present.Sadly we therefore will be closing the lounge bar at 4pm on Thursday afternoon, until further notice.

Playing golf will be allowed, but under strict rules which will be circulated to all members later this week. Access to the clubhouse will be limited to the use of toilet facilities and members are requested to remove their equipment from their lockers with imediate effect.Only members of staff will be allowed upstairs which means that all toilet facilities will be on the ground floor.

The Council will take whatever measures deemed necessary to safeguard our members and staff and we ask everyone to abide with the rules and help us fight this dreadful disease.


W T Hughes

Club Secretary on behalf of the Club Council.

Visitors and Guests 14th October 2020

As part of our work in trying to safeguard our club members and staff, the Council has decided that with immediate effect regrettably until further notice we cannot allow non-members access to the course either as guests or through booking.


Dedicated Email Address

In view of problems raised by the Covid-19 virus and questions being raised by members we have arranged for a special email address to be used in future. Will members please use the address when they require any information or guidance about how the virus affects our club. We have done this as to avoid such messages being missed on the normal e-mail address.

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