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Friends of Ashton on Mersey

The aim of the ‘Friends’ is to create a collective group of people with a common interest and through regular communication and events raise funds for any purpose (agreed by the group) that will ensure the longevity of the group and enhance the facilities that will add to their Ashton experience.

The main fund raising activity will be the ‘Friends of Ashton on Mersey’ Monthly Draw.
The aim is to get as many ‘Friends of Ashton-on-Mersey’ to contribute £5 per month (or multiple thereof) ideally by bankers order.
At the end of each month each £5 entry will be allocated a number. On the first Wednesday of each month Random Number Generator (Tumble Tom) will select the winner(s).

The payout will be approx 50% of the take in cash prizes. £200 will be the maximum prize. (i.e. if the take was £500, one £200 prize and one £50 prize would be awarded.)

Any of the ‘Friends’ can suggest ideas to spend the Funds on. The ‘Friends of Ashton on Mersey’ will agree an idea or project. The idea or project will then be agreed with the Club Council.

Please support the Friends of Ashton-on-Mersey.

Friends Of Ashton on Mersey Golf Club Update

The Friends of AOMGC have been going now for some 10 years plus. Whilst the organising of events on behalf of the Club have dwindled, we still have the 200 Club going which provides useful funds to help add the icing to the cake to the AOMGC golfing experience.

We have in the past contributed towards all sorts of equipment on the course from ball washers to benches. We have contributed to necessary course improvements such as drainage work and improvements around the course. The Clubhouse has also benefited from donations made by the Friends of AOMGC including an overhaul of the electrics, the new PA system and the proposed purchase of new banqueting furniture.

At the moment, the first prize in the monthly draw is £200 with £50 for the second name drawn. Ideally, we want to add a third and even a fourth prize or make the first prize even bigger.

Thank you to everyone who has entered the draw in the past or who currently enters the monthly draw.

To start entering the draw, it is £5 per month paid by standing order at the start of each month. You can set the standing order up using the following details and quoting your name as the payment reference. Please set the payment date up for around the 10th of the month.

Sort code 01-07-71
Account number 52110753

Please email the Friends at to let us know you have set up payment.